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      Yami Advisor

      Yami Advisor Automatically Searches and Filters Across Dozens of Platforms in Seconds with a Single Click to help You Find Your Ideal Client!

      All in One Solution that Find Thousands of Businesses in Your Ideal niche & location!

      Supported Lead Search Platforms:Google, Yellow Pages, Bing, Yelp, Google Places, Shopify Websites Data Base & Yandex

      Here's How Yami Advisor Works

      Yami Advisor is the best lead searching tool for freelancers and agencies to find leads. It will instantly scan your potential clients – websites in Google, Yellow Pages,Yelp, Google Places, Shopify Websites, Bing & Yandex that are missing The Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, SSL Certificate, Google Remarketing Pixel, Schema, SEO Optimization, Website Speed, Live Chat , CDN Optimization, Social Networks & other key indicators. The interface is easy to use and allows you to find potential clients in any niche and email them in a matter of seconds. Get Hundreds of Hot Leads from many sources, with zero advertising cost!

      • Step 1 -Insert Keyword / Niche / Locations

        Enter the Keyword for the business and location you want to target. You can search in 6 different search engines: Google, Yellow Pages, Bing, Yelp, Google Places ,Shopify Websites Data Base, Yandex + Check By URL Feature

      • Step 2 - One Click Finds Unlimited Business Leads

        In just a couple of seconds you will receive a list of dozens or even hundreds of Hot Leads, all generated on auto-pilot. You'll be able to not only automate your lead generation process but also to acquire new markets within days.

      • Step 3 - Enjoy the Hot Leads & Get Paid!

        Select the service you provide: Facebook Ads, Web Design Social Networks Management, Search Engine Optimization, Adwords Ads, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Google My Business and more! If you are already making money online or you’re just starting, you can use Yami Advisor to find clients, sign them up and make a recurring income by selling them online services.

      Yami Advisor is a never seen before software that allows you to quickly get in touch with relevant businesses and try to enroll them as a client!

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      Check Out All The Amazing Features

      Huge Base of Paying Clients

      Our software works with 5 search engines: Google, Yellow Pages Yelp, Bing, Yandex and Shopify Websites Data Base. This is a huge number of businesses that you can help and enroll them as a client

      Turn Leads into Sales

      We provide the software to search for businesses in any area and industry, the accountability to help scale your business, and the resources to turn leads into sales. 

      Strategy & Marketing

      Using our software you can find businesses from any country in the world. Our software does all the hard work and find your most qualified leads based on the filters you set and allows you to reach out to them.

      Integrated Mailing System 

      You have the ability to prospect for clients via email.Gmail, Outlook, & SMTP integration allows you to send emails from inside Yami Advisor + Proven Outreach Email Templates inside

      Fix Problems & Get Paid

      These businesses need you. This is the best way to find businesses that most need your services and that you will be best able to assist

      Outsource & Keep The Profits

      Everything can be OUTSOURCED!Hire a team of freelancers and reduce your workload and automate your sales

      Easy Export

      Fast leads export to various formats (doc, csv, xsl...)and systems such as: Facebook Audience , Google Audience and more

      System that Work

      Use our proven-to-work software to search for hundreds of different businesses that need your help. You have many filters that will make it even easier for you to find only the best leads

      With these Features, You Will Find Targeted Clients and Create Real Sales!

      Take Action Now for the Best Deal!

      No credit card required upfront

      What you can do with this client prospecting software

      Whether you are doing: running ads, making videos, doing seo or consultancy, our Yami Advisor helps you find the perfect clients to target - without your competition even knowing they exist

      • Speed Up Your Research

        Save hours of manual research and pick hyper-targeted prospects you would've never found yourself.Get Actionable Data for Sales & Marketing Campaigns Fast!

      • Optimize Your Workflow

        Automate The Entire Process and Transform your business. Yami Advisor can help marketing agencies to find new clients, and provide a better value proposition to current clients.Get targeted leads only. 

      • Access Hundreds Of Businesses that Need Your Services

        Once Yami Advisor campaign has started, you can then expect dozens or even hundreds of Hot leads per month, all generated on auto-pilot.

      What metrics does our system check?

      You'll get instant checks for all of the following income producing metrics, that each business owner should be using on their websites!

      Facebook Pixel Check

      Does their website have a Facebook Pixel installed? (The business isn't advertising or retargeting on Facebook)

      24 SSL protect web secure safe sertificate

      SSL Certificate Check

      Does their website have a SSL certificate installed?

      Google My Business Check

      Does their website have a Google Maps Listing?

      Google Analytics Check

      Does their website have a Google Analytics which gives them valuable information about their site traffic?

      Google Remarketing Pixel Check

      Do they use Google Ads to promote their business or services?

      Schema Check

      Does their website use Schema?

      Social Networks Check

      What social networks do they use for business?

      Video Content Check

      Do they have a beautiful video about their business or services?(We detect many video platforms)


      Live Chat Check

      Do they use live chat for their services and business?

      CDN Optimization Check

      Do they use CloudFlare for their services and business?

      Page Speed CheckMobile & Desktop

      Is their website optimized enough?

      Artboard 21

      Meta Keywords Check

      Is their website SEO optimized enough?

      Facebook Ads Library Check

      See all their current live Facebook Ads

      This is Massive Income Opportunity For You!No need to use multiple tools and waste time going back and forth.Take action today and invest in your future financial independence!

      But Wait, There’s More Features

      Yami Advisor Google + Bing+Yandex

      Over 700 Million websites and Business Owners contacts!Instantly find and create leads list that can be exported for use in your cold email, cold calling, facebook ads, google ads campaigns and other direct marketing campaigns.

      Absolutely perfect for lead generation!

      Absolutely perfect for lead generation!

      Easy Lead Generation from Top Search Engines

      Yami Advisor scans & analysis millions of websites to discover high quality prospecting worthy leads for your sales & marketing efforts - and we do it far better than anyone else.
      Yami Advisor can help marketing agencies of every kind to find and pick up new clients. Perfect for SEO & PPC agencies, Lead Generation agencies, Social and Reputation management agencies, and any other marketing agency you can think of.

      "It’s SUPER simple to use and CRAZY powerful!"

      Kate Z., Marketing Director at SEO Agency.

      Yami Advisor Shopify Websites 112000 DB

      Yami Advisor tracks thousands of online retailers and sellers to identify the best prospects for your products & services

      We Discover the Highest Quality Shopify Leads

      We Discover the Highest Quality Shopify Leads

      Easy Lead Generation from Shopify Websites

      We scan 112,000+ Shopify websites & profile them across 12+ parameters.
      Discover decision maker contacts at Shopify online stores for your sales & marketing campaigns and research needs.
      We track Shopify customers globally & identify prospecting-worthy Shopify stores for your research, marketing and sales needs.

      "All I can say is WOW! Just.. WOW! This tool is awesome! Highly recommended for all marketers & people wanting to build lists FAST!"

      Hary P., Marketing Director at Marketing Agency.

      Yami Advisor Yelp and Yellow Pages

      Over 6.2 million Business Owners on Yelp and Yellow Pages. Yami Advisor will help you Prospect and Close Local Clients Automatically

      It's the #1 Lead Finder Tool from Yelp and Yellow Pages

      It's the #1 Lead Finder Tool from Yelp and Yellow Pages

      Easy Lead Generation from Yelp and Yellow Pages

      Are you looking for a Yelp and Yellow Pages client finder software?
      Our Yami Advisor is a versatile, lightweight and powerful extractor tool. Scrape as much leads as you like in any niche that you need all with the press of a button. 
      Get actionable data for Sales & Marketing Campaigns. If you sell services to businesses owners, then Yami Advisor is for you!Get lots of new email addresses and phones for your cold campaigns!

      "This tool is awesome! I pays for itself pretty quickly. Good work to the YamiAdvisor team."

      Jake Salivan, Marketing Director at Zero Ads Co.

      Yami Advisor Campaign Manager

      The Only Software that Can Send Emails and Submit to Websites Contact Forms in Same Time!100 % Inbox Rate - For the Best Results You Can Expect!

      Launch Many Companies With One Click and Get Hundreds of Results!

      Launch Many Companies With One Click and Get Hundreds of Results!

      Send Automatic Messages Not Only to Emails but also to the Website Contact Forms !

      1) Sending Emails has never been so easy and convenient + With Yami Advisor you’re also gonna get plenty of high converting email templates!
      2) When sending messages to the contact forms you will receive a 100 % inbox rate!
      FIND & CLOSE LOCAL CLIENTS FAST WITHOUT A SINGLE COLD CALL!Yami Advisor System, will take you from a complete newbie with ZERO Experience in Closing Clients to a Professional Client Closing Machine!

      "We have been using this software for the past 2 weeks and the results are Amazing. We got 7 New Clients and more in Progress!This really does a Great Job! Keep it Up!"

      Jane Lee, Marketing Director 

      Yami Advisor Audience Analyzer

      Yami Advisor Audience Analyzer module is a Facebook interest targeting tool that helps advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs and reach more relevant audiences, by revealing thousands of hidden Facebook Interests & Millions of New Buyers for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns!(We'll show you 1000's of hidden interests that can be targeted)

      Finds Untapped Interests Other Tools Can’t Access

      Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend

      Instantly Get an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors

      Finds Untapped Interests Other Tools Can’t Access

      Find REAL Top Performing Interests

      Facebook hides interests.
      So we created software that uses the Facebook Marketing API to reveal thousands of interests that are not suggested by Facebook Ads Manager.
      Our software makes finding hidden Facebook interests simple and efficient.

      "This tool is awesome! It pay's for itself. Just signed up and it's already found interests that didn't even cross my mind."

      Amanda Peterson, Marketing Director at Fresh Foo Co.

      Unlock Top Performing FB Interests

        Lifetime license
        Unlimited Interest Searches 
        Unlimited CSV Data Exports
        All Future Updates Included

      Why our Software is the Best on the Market?

        High Speed Search Engine
        Email and Website Contact Form Submitter
        Run Multiple Jobs Simultaneously
        Large Reach of Detectable Social Networks and Services
        Conduct Unlimited Searches
        Support for All types of Proxies. In-built Proxy Checker
        Exporting data in .doc, .xsl, .csv
        Support 5 types of search engines + Direct Url Check
        One Platform to Find, Deliver and Sell Clients
        Really Easy & User-friendly
        Frequent Updates & Dedicated Support
        Effective Integrated Mailing System

      We are constantly adding new features, listening to clients feedback and enhancing Yami Advisor.

      Yami Advisor Is The Perfect Software Solution For 

      • SEO Experts

      • Facebook Marketers

      • Local Marketers 

      • Marketing Agencies 

      • Video Creators

      • Web Developers and Designers

      •  SMM Marketers

      • ChatBot Marketers & Developers

      • Freelancers & Marketers 

      • Consultants

      And Many More…

      The most Important Thing we do: We save you Time and Money!

      Lets do a simple calculation for Yami Advisor!

      We Save Your Time

      Virtual assistant will cost you: $8 per/hour/5h per day/24 business days = $960 per month!!!

      We Save Your Money

      The cost of our software is much lower :$29 - Yami Advisor VS $960 - Virtual Assistant

      All Business Owners Need Online Marketing Services

      They Mostly Need The Following Services:

      Business Consulting

      Search Engine Optimization

      Facebook Ads

      Chat Bot Creation

      Web Design & Developing

      Video Creation

      SMM Marketing

      Technical Support

      No Experience? No Problem! Yami Advisor Will Work For You Too!With this complete program you’ll have everything you need in order to succeed and you’ll learn to outsource all kind of different services and still keep 90% of the profit!

      We’ve Created The Perfect Solution To Find Thousands of Businesses That Have Shown Interest in Your Services

      Get Your Yami Advisor And Never Worry About Clients Again !

      Support Details

      Email : moc.kooltuo%40rosivdaimay

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Is this software easy to use ?

        Absolutely! The concept behind Yami Advisor is to provide effective and valuable tools that are simple for anyone to use, regardless of your experience.
      • How can this software help my business?

        The Yami Advisor was designed to automate the time consuming tasks involved with social networking. If you have a business that benefits from networking and/or connecting with people, potential prospects, clients, customers or business partners... then this tool can help you! 
      • Can this be used on PC and Mac ?

        Yami Advisor is Cloud based software
      • How soon should i expect to see results?  

        Many of our customers report seeing results within the first 30 minutes of using the software.

        However, your results will be based on your own efforts, work ethic, actions and a variety of factors that are beyond our controls. As a result, we cannot provide any guarantee of results. 
      • What make this better than other products?

        We have unique features that will make it very easy for you to find local businesses that are in need of your services. 
      • Is this a subscription based product? 

        Yes, check our plans!
      • Is there a money back guarantee? 

        Yes! As you can see on our page, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. Just contact us and we’ll refund your money instantly.
      • This Tool is ...Awesome! 

        Thank you! We feel the same 🙂

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